Half Of All Us Food Produce Is Thrown Away, New Research Suggests

With nothing however a picture for the user to go by, the plating is the first step to creating the idea that the meals being photographed is simply as juicy and mouthwatering because it seems to be. That’s why it’s so necessary to ensure that the standard of your meals photography meets the requirements that clients anticipate. But taking nice product images of food doesn’t need to involve hiring a professional photographer or buying costly equipment. Professional-wanting photographs could be shot on something so simple as a smartphone camera. While these decadent pics of juicy burgers and colourful cakes may appear frivolous to some—great meals images is important for others.

Such shows often emphasize the complexity of a dish’s composition as opposed to its flavors. For instance, historic sources recall the hosts of Roman banquets adding precious metals and minerals to food so as to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, Medieval aristocrats hosted feasts involving sculptural dishes and reveals of live animals.

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